100 Theme Challenge

The point is to create something from each theme. You can draw, sew, write, photograph, cook, whatever you feel like doing. The important thing is that you don't use anything old but make something new for each theme of the challenge. Good luck to anyone who feels like doing this!

1. Introduction
by Lady Casanova, a character from a mystery play I wrote for a high school theather diploma and performed with my friends. Fun times, fun times.
2. Love
Lady Casanova's brother. The candle looks weird and their story doesn't even have magic in it but oh, well I can't just draw a normal candle, can I.
3. Light
 Apparently, I really wanted to draw "Case Casanova" characters. As a whole, this only makes sense in Finnish. The letters should form the word "Casanova" but they've been put in a wrong order because the guy in the picture ignored the C. This pretty much sums up the relationship of those two characters in the play (and works as a pretty accurate allegory for the crime in the play as well). Uh, so, the girl is the "light".
4. Dark
This looks really uncreative but it's loosely related to a story where the dark woods have more meaning.
5. Seeking Solace
A rather weird description about a character who seeks solace from the things that cause her misery in the first place.

6. Break Away
Um. This one just looks clich├ęd all the way. You know what, I'm not even going to try to explain it away.

7. Heaven
Sky, actually, but whatever. It's got a standard manga-girl dramatically posing in the water, and weird anatomy. What more could you ask for?

8. Innocence
Used a friend of mine as a model. Somehow she looked pretty "innocent" in a photo, so, um, yeah. There's no deeper meaning.
9. Drive
I can't really explain this. Also, the character looks too blond (I blame my camera, didn't have a scanner). I kinda like the background though.
10. Breathe Again
I just really wanted to draw a mermaid of some sort, with only blue water colour.
11. Memory
This one is completely random. It's up to you to decide whether the memory has something dark in it or not.
12. Insanity
Well, just because "insane" describes this character of mine rather accurately.

13. Misfortune
Yay, dramatic manga-girl again!

14. Smile
I was inspired by The Bluest Eye (by Toni Morrison). This is some kind of interpretantion of Pecola. Such a great book.

15. Silence
This is actually the first time I've ever drawn Doctor Who fan art.
16. Questioning
Bunch of my characters trying to remember to ask the right questions.

17. Blood
The character is mine, but I was heavily influenced by the Red Riding Hood movie when I drew this.
18. Rainbow
Ugh. The paper wrinkled and I really don't like how the dress turned out... But the hair is ok.

19. Gray
This might be my favourite so far even though I have no idea what the butterfly has got to do with anything.

20. Fortitude
A couple of rather thick headed characters as kids.
21. Vacation
This is meant to be funny because the character could have the kind of vacation he's dreaming of if he just had the "time" to step out of his door.

22. Mother Nature
I was listening to The Two Towers audio.

23. Cat Yeah well, as long as there's a cat it doesn't matter if rest makes sense or not, right? :D

23. Cat

24. No time

25. Trouble Lurking

26. Tears 

27. Foreing 

28. Sorrow 

29. Happiness 

30. Under the Rain 

31. Flowers 

32. Night 

33. Expectations 

34. Stars 

35. Hold My Hand 

36. Precious Treasure 

37. Eyes 

38. Abandoned 

39. Dreams 

40. Rated 

41. Teamwork 

42. Standing Still 

43. Dying 

44. Two Roads 

45. Illusion 

46. Family 

47. Creation 

48. Childhood 

49. Stripes 

50. Breaking the Rules 

51. Sport 

52. Deep In Thought 

53. Keeping a secret 

54. Tower 

55. Waiting 

56. Danger Ahead 

57. Sacrifice 

58. Kick In the Head 

59. No Way Out 

60. Rejection 

61. Fairy Tale 

62. Magic 

63. Do Not Disturbe 

64. Multitasking 

65. Horror 

66. Traps 

67. Playing the Melody 

68. Hero 

69. Annoyance 

70. 67% 

71. Obsession 

72. Mischief Managed 

73. I can't 

74. Are You Challenging Me? 

75. Mirror 

76. Broken Pieces 

77. Test 

78. Drink 

79. Starvation 

80. Words 

81. Pen And Paper 

82. Can You Hear Me? 

83. Heal 

84. Out Cold 

85. Spiral 

86. Seeing Red 

87. Food 

88. Pain 

89. Through the Fire 

90. Triangle 

91. Drowning 

92. All that I Have 

93. Give Up 

94. Last Hope 

95. Advertisment 

96. In the Storm 

97. Safety First 

98. Puzzle 

99. Solitude 

100. Relaxation

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